Photo Add-Ons & Upgrades

A home is never perfect, but we do our very best to make each home stand out.

  Below are our special add on features that you can add to any photoshoot to make it look even better.  


Green Grass

Green Grass ( $10 per photo)

We know that it can be hard to keep a yard perfectly green and beautiful. Let us work our magic to make your lawn look perfect!


($10 per photo) 

Living in Washington, we all know that it rains alot! Which means grey skies and overcast days. Every house looks better on a sunny day with beautiful blue skies! We can transform any sky to look like a perfect sunny day!


($10 per photo) 

Does your listing need some handy work done? Or maybe there is a hole in the wall that your sellers havent had a chance to get fixed? We can photoshop small items for you! If you have bigger photoshopping needs, message us a description and we will let you know if we can make it happen!

Adding Fire to Fireplaces

Adding Fire to Fireplaces ($5 per photo)

We all know that a lit fireplace makes a home feel cozy! If you arent able to turn the fire on for the photoshoot, we can add it for you in editing!  

Property Outlining on Drone Photos

Property Outlining on Drone Photos ( $10 per photo)

Outlining a property is a great to show consumers the property lines while still showing the homes surrounding features.  

Main Photo of the house, on the TV's

Picture of house on TVs ( $5 per photo)

Adding the front image of the house to a TV insdie can be a great extra touch!

Sunset and Dusk Photography

Dusk + Twlight photography ( $40 a photo) 

Do you have a listing that looks beautiful in the evening as the sun is setting? If you dont want us to come out in the evening for a full twilight photoshoot, we can turn your daytime photos into twilight photos!